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Girls’Power Initiative (GPI) Calabar Centre, together with SAVE coalition members (different CSOs working on Gender Based Violence issues) went for a sensitization on Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law, under the umbrella of Youth Alive Foundation Abuja (YAF) at Save the Children Camp (STCC) on the 22nd of August,2023 at Hope Waddel Training Institution, Calabar.
The meeting had over 83 children/youths in attendance, drawn from different communities in Akwa Ibom and Cross River states.
The aim of the Sensitization was to explore on the following topics:
– How to identify Gender based violence issues
– Places Gender based violence issues can be taken to for report or referrals.
– What an Abuse is
– Consequences of Abuse
– Child Marriage
– Consequences of Child Marriage
– Rape e.t.c
At the end of the Sensitization activity, the VAAP law was distributed to the Children/Youths and they were encouraged to speak out whenever any perpetrator tries to violate them.