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L-R: Eboigbe Irene, Magbowe Vera, Airouyuwa Happy and Okpako Queen

It was an interesting and enlightening session in Evbareke Junior Secondary School outreach sexuality education programme on March 17th, 2016 as 2015 outreach graduates Eboigbe Irene, Magbowe Vera, Airouyuwa Happy and Okpako Queen shared the impact of GPI outreach session in their lives and encouraged the girls to participate fully as it would make them better girls and women in future.
According to Eboigbe Irene who spoke most at length kept reiterating her point “GPI session is the best place you can be. I now know how to express myself assertively especially with boys when they make unpleasant requests, I am comfortable with my body, confident and have high self-esteem”. She continued by encouraging the girls stating “make sure your notes are complete, attend GPI classes and read well for the exams, you would be happy to be a GPI graduate like us”.
Magbowe Vera shared her experience saying “I enjoyed every minute of GPI class and I achieved a lot especially the steps to take in making good decisions, and how to set my goals to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART) either for long-term or short-term goals.I am assertive, have high self-esteem and I let my ‘no’ be no, and my ‘yes’ be ‘yes’”. She continued with face filled with smile… ”the graduation ceremony was memorable, we met with Aunty Grace and had a tour of GPI. Certificates of Graduation were given to those of us who did well and Certificate of Participation to those that didn’t, so, you all should participate fully to be among the GPI graduates”.
Airouyuwa Happy was filled with words of encouragement, “with GPI you would have information which you won’t be taught in school, you would be empowered to be a better person. I am glad I participated and a proud graduate of GPI. You can be like us if you take your classes seriously”.
Okpako Queen was brief saying “GPI has made me assertive and made me understand myself better. Don’t waste the opportunity available and get empowered”.
At the end of the session, the contact teacher Mrs Okohue was so impressed, “the girls were wonderful, I am highly impressed. I was here when you (Loretta OfureAyele – Facilitator) sent for GPI graduates to speak to the girls, they were not pre-informed and yet they were wonderful. They caught the attention of the other girls, I hope this would encourage the girls to become more participatory in the sessions and graduates also. It’s a pity those girls taking the wrong path and who are really in need of this information don’t attend as they feel they know it all”.

Report by : Loretta Ofure Ayele (Facilitator – Evbareke Secondary School, Benin City)