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Entrepreneurship Skills Training Girls Graduates
By Comfort Ikpi – Project Leader

GPI Calabar graduated 143 girls and young women from GPI’s weekly safe space lesson programme, the entrepreneurship skills training programme, and the media academy on August 27 2016. Out of this number, 34 girls graduated from the fish farming, shoe-making and sewing skills training.

These out-of school young girls between the ages of 15 to 25 years, began the entrepreneurship skills training in July 2015 under Batch 4. They passed through a rigorous training on the afore-mentioned skills for 6 months after which they were placed in different business organizations for 3 months internship. The fish farming training covered Stocking Fingerling; Construction and Cleaning of Fish Pond; Types of Feed; Managing a Fish Pond and Identifying Ailing Fingerlings.

On sewing some girls learned how to make different kinds of dress including gowns, jackets and skirts. Training on shoemaking covered production of pams, slippers, sandals and covered shoes. These shoes and dresses are sold to GPI staff members and members of the public to generate income for the girls and organization.

Stories of knowledge gained, skills acquired and income generated from sales of products were shared by some girls. These stories show impact of the entrepreneurship training on graduates.